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Wyoming Sunmade Scoopable Cat Litter 20lb Bag

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  • Award-Winning Nutrition

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This eco-friendly, sun-drying process results in 4,820% less CO2 than any other clay litter.

·            Dust free
·            All-Natural
·            Scent free
·            Soft texture
·            Non-tracking
·            Chemical free
·            Hypo-allergenic
·            Hard clumping
·            Easy open bag
·            Naturally locks in odors
·            Use considerably less litter
·            Performs well in multiple cat litter boxes
·            Superior raw material with no fillers added
·            Dried completely by the natural power of the sun  
·            Works well in automatic or self cleaning litter boxes such as Litter Robot tm or Littermaid tm
·            The natural process results in less potential allergens and irritants for both you and your cat.

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