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Nature's Select Products

Why choose Nature’s Select?

We are an all-natural pet food company that has been serving thousands of pet lovers across the country since 1994. Here is how Nature’s Select is unique and why we could be the right fit for you and your pets!

  • Award Winning Nutrition - Nature's Select has been on the highly-acclaimed Whole Dog Journal Editor's Choice List consistently as well as earning The Dog Food Advisor's highest five-star rating year after year. Our grain-free and dry dog foods are singled out for their healthy mix of natural ingredients. Nature's Select has a total of nine different dry dog food recipes, three canned food varieties for dogs, as well as our signature dry food for cats.
  • Personalized Service - Our Kibble Specialists are here to help find a solution that’s right for your pet. We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best customer service to our customers, no matter what.
  • Made in the USA - We are proud to say that our Nature’s Select products are made right here in the USA in the great state of Texas!


What kind of pet food does Nature’s Select offer?

Nature’s Select Pet Food comes in a variety of dry dog food formulas. We have our original grain-inclusive line of dry dog food formulas in addition to our grain-free formulas. We also offer canned dog food, freeze-dried options,  and dry cat food. 


Which Nature’s Select recipe should I choose?

That depends on several factors, including your dog's age, activity level, and specific health needs. We encourage you to Contact Us directly for a personalized recommendation.


Can I get a free sample?

We understand that the best way to discover the Nature’s Select difference is for your dog to actually get a taste test of our all-natural recipes! Please contact us to request a free sample of our formulas. We will send you a sample based on your dog's age, activity level, and if there are any health concerns you need to address via their diet.


Where can I buy Nature’s Select?

We have always been direct-to-consumer since we started this business back in 1994. You will not find our products in big box retailers, grocery stores, or big pet store chains. Why? Because our pet food is not made with harsh chemical preservatives, additives, or fillers, and in turn is not meant to sit on a shelf for months and months or in a warehouse for long periods of time. Our goal is to get our pet food from our manufacturer in Texas, where it is made fresh bi-monthly, to our warehouse in Sacramento within 4 weeks or less, to ensure that by the time it gets to your door and in your pet's food bowl it's as fresh as possible! We don't have a brick and mortar location, but you're able to conveniently order online or call us at (916) 480-0900 to place an order. We'll deliver it right to your door! Or if you're in the Sacramento area, you can also pick up your order at our warehouse located at 601 Commerce Dr, Suite 120, Roseville, CA 95678. Our warehouse is open Monday-Friday, 8:00am-6:00pm.


Where is Nature’s Select pet food made?

We are proud to produce all of our Nature’s Select dry kibble formulas in our Texas-based manufacturing facility. All Nature’s Select products are MADE IN THE USA and have US-sourced ingredients with the exception of lamb which is sourced from New Zealand. All of our formulas exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards.

"Made in the USA" refers to our product being made here in the United States. "USA Safe" refers to the USA approval of processing for our New Zealand Lamb recipe which has lamb that is sourced from New Zealand.


Who formulates Nature’s Select pet food recipes?

Our internal nutrition team works diligently with third-party nutritionists to formulate the diets, design new products, handle product registrations, and ensure compliance with regulations.


How long has Nature’s Select been in business?

Nature’s Select was started by Paul and Diana Cavanaugh in Orange County, CA in 1994. They began with a simple idea… to deliver all-natural pet food to your door, using the freshest and finest ingredients at prices that fit your budget. What started as a small, family-owned business has grown to evolve over time to reach more pet lovers across the country and allow us to help as many pets as possible through quality pet food and personalized service!


Are your bags recyclable?

Our Nature's Select poly-bags are BPA Free and #7 classification for recycling. Most neighborhood areas are starting to accept these but it is dependent on where you live. Otherwise, these need to be recycled through a commercial composting facility. Our bag company is currently working on a new resin that will soon make our bags completely recyclable across the board. Most major shopping stores have recycle bins available for our poly-bags and are a certified drop-off area.