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Vitamins & Supplements

Some dogs need that extra boost to help them feel their best. Sometimes it's just an occasional event like they ate something they weren't supposed to and they need help settling their tummy. Or maybe it's a transitory event like switching from one formula to another. Other times a daily multi-vitamin or daily dose of probiotics is what's needed to have them feel and look their best.

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  • Photo of the front of the bottle of Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite, 120-count. Photo of the back of the bottle of Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite, 120-count. Picture of real ingredients like ginger, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, tomato, leafy greens, artichoke, broccoli, salmon, orange, onion, legumes, asparagus, and kale. Text: "Formulated with antioxidants. Neutralizes harmful free radicals. Nutri-Vet | MannaPro

    Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite

    OVERVIEW Liver flavor chewable tablets provide a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals for adult dogs. Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite chewables provide a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that complements a dog’s normal diet. Tasty liver flavor...

  • Container of Nutri-Vet Grass Guard Max for Dogs, 365-Count. 5-star testimonial from a Nutri-Vet customer (verified purchase, December 2016) that says, "These really work! During the summer months I began to see brown, burnt spots in my backyard where dogs go to the bathroom. Ordered these and within a month the brown spots were gone. I now use them year round for my two dogs!" Picture of container of Nutri-Vet Grass Guard Max for Dogs, 365-Count. Text says, "Key ingredients help reduce high urine pH that can damage grass...digestive enzymes, probiotics, botanicals, and amino acids." Picture of JRT laying on his back on green grass with text "Vet formulated protection for your dog & lawn.  Promotes digestive health. Helps prevent lawn burn."

    Nutri-Vet Grass Guard Max

    OVERVIEW Nutri-Vet's Grass Guard Max was developed to neutralize the potential for high PH urine, which can cause nasty spots on grass. The tasty chewable contains liver, whey protein, barley and yucca for a healthy pet as well as a spotless lawn. ...

  • A photo of an 8-oz container of Total Biotics manufactured by NWC Naturals.


    OVERVIEW A specially formulated pet probiotic supplement containing an astounding 14 species of productive, live, high potency and stabilized probiotics! Total-Biotics® is guaranteed to deliver 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) in each scoop for...

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