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General Questions

Do you offer ways to save money via coupons or discounts?

Yes, we do! Here are several ways to save for your rainy day fund: 

  • MULTI-BAG DISCOUNTS – Choose the 60-lb products and save at $6/bag; the discount is already factored into the price. The more you buy, the more you save!
  • SPREAD THE WOOF referral program - Tell your friends and family about our healthy food and personalized customer service. After your friend receives their second delivery, we’ll thank you with $20 in Kibble Cash (a credit on your Nature’s Select account) valid towards a future order!
  • BULK DISCOUNTS – Receive an additional 10% discount by using coupon code OVER175 for orders over $175.  Buy more, save more!
  • FREE HOME DELIVERY – Any order over $39 is eligible. Enjoy the convenience of letting us bring your pet products to you.
  • MONTHLY SPECIALS – We offer savings on different products, i.e. treats, cookies, bones, etc. every month where you can save 10% - 30%.
  • MONEY-SAVING COMBOS – Not sure what flavor cookie or treat your dog loves more? Try one of our combinations that has a variety of flavors of the same treat. You’ll enjoy a price break and your pup will enjoy an assortment of goodies!
  • CONSTANT KIBBLE – If you consistently order the same products at the same intervals, you would be a prime candidate for our automatic delivery program. We can help you figure out how often you need a reorder, get you set up, and will even give you $5 off or a free bag of Nature’s Select cookies with every Constant Kibble order!


How can I reorder my pet food?

We have several ways that are quick, easy, and convenient for you to place your reorder!

  • Call us at (916) 480-0900 OR Text us at (844) 294-9624
  • LiveChat with us by clicking the “CHAT NOW” blue button on the bottom right of your screen
  • Click on the “One Click Done” reorder link in the reminder email that we send to you when we think you’re running low. This will replicate your last order. It's that simple!
  •  Simply reply back to our reminder email
  •  Set up a Constant Kibble (auto-delivery) order every set amount of weeks for a standing order based on how much kibble you feed and how many bags you consistently purchase


Are you closed on holidays?

We are open Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm, throughout the year except for the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

For customers whose orders are shipped via a common carrier or USPS, orders will not be shipped out or delivered on these holidays. We will always let our customers know about our holiday hours and delivery schedules via our monthly newsletters.


Can I save money if I sign up for automatic deliveries?

You sure can! If you would like, our Kibble Specialists can review your order history to see if your frequency and the products you order are consistent enough for automatic deliveries. No more worrying about empty food bowls. You’re free to add treats or occasionally change your delivery date before the order is shipped out by simply calling our office or replying to the order confirmation email before the order is shipped.  Plus, you’ll receive either $5 off or a free bag of Nature’s Select cookies with each automatic delivery!


How can I refer someone to Nature’s Select?

We’re thrilled that you’re singing praises about our healthy, affordable pet food and personalized customer service to your friends, neighbors, bark park buddies, and puppy kindergarten classmates!

Have your Northern California/Northern Nevada friend either call us at (916) 480-0900 or place an online order and use the coupon code WOOF to save  10% off their first order. They will also need to let us know that it was YOU who referred them. After they receive their second delivery, we’ll credit your Nature’s Select account with $20 in Kibble Cash valid on a future order.


How do I switch from one pet food to another?

When switching your pet to Nature’s Select food or from one Nature’s Select formula to another, we always recommend a gradual transition. Normal bacteria in the intestine help your pet digest food. A sudden change in diet can result in changes to the number and type of bacteria and their ability to digest food, which can lead to intestinal upset. Therefore, a gradual transition helps your pet’s digestive system adjust to a new food without causing loose stool or an upset tummy.

We recommend a transition over a period of 7-10 days. Start with a mixture of 25% new food and 75% old food for 2-3 days. Then switch to a 50/50 blend for another 2-3 days. If the transition is going well, move to 75% new food and 25% old food for another 2-3 days until you are 100% on the new food.

If at any time your dog starts to vomit, has loose stool, or appears constipated, slow the rate at which you are switching food.


How often should I feed my puppy?

In general, puppies need to have more scheduled feeding times per day than an adult dog. This is because a puppy’s body is in growth mode, and needs a constant supply of nutrients in order to be healthy. Most puppies will benefit from a diet that has their daily food portion divided into three feedings per day. New puppies, in general, do not eat a lot during their first few days in a new home. This is normal. Once they settle in they will start to eat again.


How should I store my pet food to guarantee freshness?

Store your pet food in a cool, dry place. Any dry kibble pet food product is guaranteed fresh for up to a year from the date it was manufactured if properly stored away from heat and moisture. For best results, we recommend putting your pet food in a sealed, air tight container that should either have a disposable liner or washed and dried well before new food is added.


What do I do with opened pet food I won't use?

While we cannot accept returns of opened bags of pet food, we do have a few suggestions. Sometimes our pets stop eating a recipe for any given reason, your pet passes away, or you just have extra your pet will not eat. We always recommend donating the pet food to a local animal shelter if possible (they always need donated food!) BUT if that's not feasible for you, you are welcome to donate it to a friend, family member, or neighbor.