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  • A 4"x 6" oval car magnet that has a whimsical dog face with the words DOG LOVER over it in a clear plastic package and Dog is Good label.

    Oval Car Magnet

    OVERVIEW This classic oval-shaped magnet measures 4×6 inches and features UV coating to prevent fading.

  • A Dog is Good water bottle. Top cap is black. Below the neck and the top third of the bottle  it's a solid royal  blue. Below that on top of a white background, the words in royal blue font "never walk's not where you walk, it's who walks with you" is next to an image of a black dog wearing a red harness. Water Bottle with Roller Ball

    Water Bottle with Roller Ball

    OVERVIEW Stainless-steel water bottle has two openings: the small one up top has a ball-bearing to control water flow when you hold the bottle upside-down for Dog to drink (think hamster water bottle and you’re on the right track). The second...

2 of 2 Items