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A dog's tale

A dog's tale

Sep 23rd 2022

Even though we sometimes wish that our dogs could speak to us, dogs are actually great communicators and their tails help play a major role in letting us know how they’re feeling. Dogs use their tails to communicate with one another. Different movements mean different things for dogs. For example, a dog's tail that wags to the right indicates openness and happiness. Whereas, when a dog's tail wags to the left it could possibly mean fear and insecurity.Tail wagging is a skill that puppies learn as they grow. It’s not until a puppy is approximately 4-6 weeks old that they begin using their tail to speak. They practice this skill with their mom and siblings.

Did you know that a dog’s tail is, in fact, an extension of its spine? It assists the functioning of the dog’s hind body as a whole. The tail, however, has its own set of muscles, which makes it more flexible and helps with balance. When a dog wags its tail the muscles around the rectum contract, which puts pressure on the anal glands and triggers the release of pheromones.